A deep dive into our collaborative team poster

Our poster is quite high concept: the main shape is a floor plan of a house, from bird’s eye view making the shape of a heart. The foundations are visible and are decorated with our pepeha to show the people who make up the consulting company and our connection to the land of Aotearoa. 

The entrance to the house is a winding, muddled road – showing the state of the people who need our help – they’re getting there but not in the most direct way or with the most stable path 

The rooms don’t have solid walls, but are puzzle pieces, showing that no one part of what we do is more important – they’re all interconnected and part of the journey we offer. 

The centre of the house, the heart of the home is the Teamworx logo 

The first room you go to when you enter the house is the Modern agile wheel – showing our dedication to the four modern agile values – Make people awesome, deliver value constantly, experiment and learn rapidly and make safety a prerequisite 

The second room is Visual Facilitation, something we as a company are strong in and use as a tool for many purposes 

Room 3: The New Zealand room shows our roots – we are all locals, and we believe in honouring those roots 

Room 4 is innovation – new ideas and ways of looking at things which serve our customers and allow us to utilise out of the box thinking 

Room 5 is an orange puzzle piece with conversation bubbles. It shows our dedication to communication and enabling easy and honest communication in teams and companies 

Room 6, The cornerstone of the house is a team – the team is diverse and all on the same page about what they’re doing. This represents the teams we help and the team within Teamworx itself, we’re a diverse bunch who love and support each other and we want to bring that dynamic to your team. 

Room 7 – Following from teams is products – tying back to the modern agile wheel – we believe in delivering great products. The box has burst open and let out a lot of bright, shiny wonders. 

Building on all the earlier rooms, in room 8 we come to success! This shows two members of the team celebrating their products and their easy communication. 

Room 9 – The butterfly represents change and change management. The caterpillar is gone and a beautiful butterfly has emerged. Change is hard, but with intervention from someone who understands the processes can make it beautiful.

Room 10 represents community. As a company, Teamworx believes in supporting and giving back to the community. The hearts are all different and equally part of the group 

Finally, we come to the destination in room 11 – with all the knowledge you’ve picked up in the previous rooms you have the tools to get to where you want to go. 

Exit the building and you find the cobbled path out – now you have learned so much your path is firmer underfoot. It might not be a straight line – no journey is perfectly easy after all, but it’s straighter than it was, and you can see clearly where you’re going next


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