Agile Estimation Planning Poker Cards

As an update to our FREE Printable Planning Poker cards for Agile estimation, we have released a new version of physical playing cards available for purchase!

There are 6 colour coded sets (front and back), and come in a special square format for easy handling. Use the thumbs up / down voting for efficient voting. Also great to use online for remote planning sessions.


Agile Estimation Cards available to purchase – drop us a line or purchase via Trademe
Teamworx Planning Poker Cards for 6 players, including thumbs up / down voting cards
Get in touch to purchase a set for NZ$30+GST. International shipping available.


  1. Each player has a set of cards.
  2. Read out the first piece of work to estimate.
  3. Discuss what the work is about.
  4. Each player picks the a card that represents their relative estimate.
    1- trivial, 8 – middle of the range, 13/21- fairly complex.
    If you’re doing this for the first time, pick a mid-sized piece of work and call it an “8” as a benchmark.
  5. Everyone shows their card at the same time.
  6. The top and bottom estimators discuss their differences.
  7. Re-estimate till convergence is achieved.