Agile Jargon – Most Common Agile Terms – It Doesn’t Have to Be Confusing

Although Agile has it’s roots in software development, it is becoming the norm for companies that need to evolve in a changing landscape of rapidly moving customer needs.  Here is a poster created by one of our coaches, Zhi Lee, that helps demystify some of the lingo.


Ordered list of items to deliver value to our customers.  The word “ordered” was chosen over “prioritised” in the 2011 Scrum Guide revision, as it provides flexibility to the Product Owner to optimize value.


Something slowing us down.


Timeboxed delivery of value

User Story

A tool for sparking and capturing a conversation about a problem or opportunity.


Show-and-ask for customer feedback


Framework for working on complex problems by incrementally delivering bite-sized pieces of value


Visual system for managing work and flow of value


A meeting focused on improvements in people, process, and tools.