Brainwriting with an Ideation Template

The Problem with Brainstorming

How many times have you entered a brainstorm where everyone tries to talk over each other?  Or someone’s over-dominating the conversation and noone else gets a chance to air their views?

Brainwriting as an Alternative to Brainstorming

Consider using this brainwriting technique (as opposed to “brainstorming”).

The Ideation Process

  1. Agree on the problems you wish to create ideas for.
  2. Write each problem or challenge on the template below (A3 is recommended).
  3. Hand each person in the group a written problem each.
  4. Give each person 5 minutes to come up with 3 ideas.
  5. Adhere to the principles of:
    1. Quantity over quality
    2. No idea is a bad one
    3. Staying focused on the problem/challenge written on that sheet of paper only
  6. Pass the paper to the person on your right.
  7. Review the ideas in front of you and come up with new ideas, or expand on an existing idea.
  8. Conduct the exercise anonymously so we talk about the ideas, not about the people who wrote the ideas.
  9. Do 5 or 6 rounds or as much as time permits.
  10. Collect all the ideas and vote on your favourite ones.


Template Download

Click on the thumbnail below to download a full-size template suitable for A3 printing.

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