iSQI Scrum Master Pro Certification

Teamworx are now licensed to teach the iSQI Scrum Master Pro certification. Principal trainer, Zhi Lee, shares his review of the course.

As someone who’s been teaching and practising Agile for more than 12 years, this course hit the nail on the head in areas that other accredited courses did not. In particular, it covers practices often used with Scrum, that are not officially Scrum (such as epics, user stories, spikes, release planning and BDD). This course would serve anyone wanting in-depth guidance around the practicalities of being a scrum master. There is a good mix of practical activities and theory. Doing this course allowed me to refresh my thinking, even though I’ve acquired other Agile and Scrum certifications under my belt.

Zhi Lee, Agile Coach @ Teamworx

Course Outcomes

  • Understand Scrum as a lightweight framework and why the Scrum Master needs to understand the framework to effectively facilitate the team through the Scrum process.
  • Identify the attributes of Scrum, the Scrum values, core practices, artefacts and ceremonies as the Scrum Master needs to understand these key activities to facilitate, guide and mentor teams and help them become self-managing and self-organising.
  • Recognise the format and content of User Stories and how they are estimated and prioritised in order to coach and mentor the team in producing clear and concise user stories and acceptance criteria.
  • Appreciate Scrum Planning and the importance of planning in the Scrum process as the Scrum Master has to understand both the release and sprint planning process so that they can effectively facilitate these meetings.
  • Comprehend sprints and the design, development and testing within a sprint as the Scrum Master is required to support these processes and be available to remove roadblocks for the team.
  • Know why retrospectives and continuous improvement is important to be incorporated in each sprint.


NZ$1950+GST per participant (minimum 10 people), delivered over 2 days, at an off-site venue with fully catered tea/coffee, lunch and afternoon tea.

1 attempt at the exam (valued at US$125) is included. The exam is administered via remote proctor.