Meeting Evaluation Canvas

Are you relentlessly getting bogged down with Zoom fatigue due to ineffective and too many meetings?

Are you seeing a symptom of bad planning, risky work, or a rollover from a previous “bad” meeting?

Have you thought of taking a step back as an entire team and rating the effectiveness of your meetings?

We designed a meeting evaluation canvas that to rate your meetings, and make refinements to them.


Teamworx Meeting Evaluation Canvas
  • Make as many copies of Slide 5 as you need
  • As a team, sweep through all the meetings in your diary in the last month that have 5+ people. Include all Scrum events (if you’re practising Scrum)
  • Fill in the details of the meeting.
  • Collect an aggregate vote for each criterion.
  • Lowest and highest voters discuss.
  • Agree on changes you’d make for that meeting (e.g. Invite XXX, change time of day, reduce frequency, change format, cancel)