The Power of Deliberate Creative Teams [Sketchnote Video]

Amy and Zhi recently connected on LinkedIn, and she shared her TEDx talk given the overlapping nature of their work.  In return, Zhi made a sketchnote video, with a little surprise at the end.

Sketchnote Video

Here’s a sketchnote video of Dr. Amy Climer’s TEDx talk, with references to other complementary models from Patrick Lencioni, David Sibbet, Joshua Kerievsky, Diana Larsen and Ainsley Nies, and Dan Pink.

Remember to watch till the end for the surprise!


  1. Innovation is a necessity.
  2. Every team member has an influence to make a difference.
  3. Teams need a strong purpose to be creative.
  4. Give your teams the psychological safety to shift conversations and embrace healthy creative abrasion.
  5. You need a process to take ideas from generation to evaluation.


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Watch Amy Climer, Ph.D.’s full TED Talk:

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