Virtual Meeting Tips

Working in multiple companies amidst the CoVid-19 pandemic, we’ve seen the effect of badly run remote meetings on doing good work.  We wrote this handy guide to help one of our clients through a 2-day whole-company work-from-home trial.  Hope this guide is useful for others faced with working remotely at short notice.

Before the Meeting

    • Have an agenda.
    • If you’re facilitating, join 5-10 minutes before hand to ensure you have your audio and visuals going.
    • Send a link to your visuals beforehand.  This could be a Google Document, Slide, Trello board, Jamboard.
    • Get your screensharing going before the meeting

During the Meeting

  • Lay the ground rules – encourage people to go on mute if you’re not speaking.
  • At times like these when we’re missing the hallway conversations, it’s important to check-in on one another.  A quick effective way to do this without detracting from the meeting is a one-word check-in.  Describe in one-word, how you’re feeling right now?  One of our squads has a “Rate your mind/body/spirit 1-5” question which is also a goodie!
  • Recap the agenda
  • Consider using a Lean Coffee structure to order your discussion items and progress them through these states “To discuss”, “Discussing”, “Done”.
  • A separate Actions column can be used to capture actions
  • Consider recording the key points of each agenda item in it’s own Trello card.
  • As a facilitator, consider using a technique called “stacking”.
    • When multiple participants want to speak at the same time, manage the process by jotting down the names of people who have something to say and letting each individual speak, one at a time, without interruption. Check each name off until everyone who wants to speak has done so.
  • Dedicate time at the end of the meeting to recap actions.
    Consider doing a check-out activity.  An easy one is “One word to describe how you’re feeling after the meeting”, or “Rate the effectiveness of the meeting”.

After the Meeting

  • Send out a link to the board or a screenshot with the key actions.