What it felt like to attend an Agile course as a non-Agile person

We asked Carolyn Burnet, our partner from Rapid Results, to tell us what she thought of a recent Agile course. We were interested in her perspective as a non-Agile person who works as a trainer in the areas of leadership, resilience, sales and customer service. Here’s what she said!

Carolyn immersing herself in the name-writing game where participants explore the perils of multi-tasking and merits of continuous improvement (Kaizen).

I was delighted to attend a recent Agile workshop facilitate by Zhi and Siobhan from Teamworx. As an “Agile Newbie” I found the day hugely interesting, very interactive, and opened me to the wonderful opportunities in the Agile world.

A few days prior to the workshop I received an email which helped to frame the day and develop interest in what would be covered and how Agile could incorporated into day-to-day operations. 

Zhi quickly set up an easy atmosphere where, from the outset, participants were comfortable to both question and challenge what they were hearing.  I think that the opportunity very early in the day to air some scepticism was very healthy and contributed to a quick win in understanding the Agile mindset.  Both presenters were very positive with all questions, answered deeply, and checked for understanding or for further clarification.

There were fun links with the activities and Agile principles that I think were enjoyed by everyone. We “played” several games to illustrate the value in developing an Agile mindset and the effectiveness of a new way of working. 

I was both surprised and excited to understand how Agile could be used and highly recommend Leaders to be open-minded to the benefits of this methodology.