We are a cross-functional team of closely-knit people working towards the common cause of making change work for people. Our team consists of Scrum Masters, Agile Team Facilitators, Scaled Agile Coaches, Change Managers, Product Strategists, Digital Transformation People, and Master Workshop Facilitators. We are held together by our desire to introduce better ways of working to help organisations thrive in today’s changing landscape.

We live by these values:
Make every interaction personal
Tell it like it is
Be visual and engaging
Give back to community

We commit to taking time out as a team by means of a monthly Teamy day comprised of a retrospective, planning, and social event. Events we have run in the past have included archery, an Escape Room, and they always involve food.

When you work with Teamworx, you join a strong brand with a strong pipeline. We continually share our experiences and coach one another. You’ll get to learn from like-minded people and benefit from the support of experienced coaches.

Check out our Team Poster deep-dive to find out what Teamworx means to our Teamies.