Dial-a (Agile) Product Manager

What is this service about?

The Product world can get incredibly intense and pressured really quickly. Need help and expertise right now? Our resident product experts are only a phone/video call / email away. On-demand (or asynchronous) anytime services for product related advice.

Perhaps you might be working in an organisation that doesn’t have a product function. Would you like to explore how thinking about product could benefit your business and customers?

How might I benefit?

Get super accessible, on-demand or asynchronous advice from the combined experience of leading many kiwi products you will already be familiar with.

Value is offered incrementally with small 30-minute coaching blocks and no minimum commitment. We offer credit card payment options If you’re taking up this service as an individual.

So you want to be a Product Manager? | by Venkatesh Gupta | UX Collective

Types of Advice

What advice can we provide?

  • Product strategy
  • Roadmapping
  • OKRs
  • Value streams
  • Providing a perspective on your backlog
  • Reviewing your product landscape
  • Portfolio management
  • Scaling agile
  • Continuous discovery
  • Early stage problem and idea validation
  • Product analytics.
  • Coaching you to be a better product person

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