Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We built this list of FAQs for three reasons:

  1. To help our clients help themselves before even engaging with us, so when we do get in there, we guarantee we’re providing real value.
  2. One of our values is giving back to community, so if you benefit from this free advice, we’d be totally stoked!
  3. We walk-the-talk when it comes to quality and sustainable performance. Therefore, we’re pretty strict about limiting work-in-progress in order to focus on a set of clients at a time.  This means when you’re working with us, you have our full attention.  When we have to turn work down, we will direct you here to get you on your way!

  • Q: How do we start an Agile transformation?
    • A: Agile is often mistaken as the goal of a transformation, but real outcome is “Agility”.  Understand the outcomes you’re looking to achieve.  Understand how they map to your company vision and values.  Consider what are the small things you can start doing now.
  • Q: I have a budget of $X.  Is it enough?  What return will I receive?
    • A:  We have options to suit any budget.  We work in an Agile way, which means you’re the customer (sounds simple), and you determine the highest priority areas for us to focus on.  We co-create a coaching backlog with you, so everything is tracked with high transparency.  It is a living artefact so you can always hit “pause” when you need to.  We do, however, recommend that a transformation is planned for, and a budget allocated as a result.  This means it will receive importance.