Graphic Recording and Visual Facilitation

What is Sketchnoting, Graphic Recording and Visual Facilitation?

Sketchnoting is a personal visualisation technique that involves listening to a conversation, synthesising the key messages, and expressing the content using simple imagery and text.

Graphic recording involves drawing up a meeting or workshop on a large piece of paper, usually in front of a live audience to add tangibility to an event.  It gives attendees reference points to recall content and start additional discussions.

Visual facilitation elicits additional participation by getting attendees involved with the contents recorded, such as by jointly drawing a mindmap, or using elements of recorded content to create (and record) new ideas / discussions. Visuals created are ideal for sharing, and excellent records for re-living a workshop or event.

Benefits of Visual Thinking

  1. In a personal setting, visual thinking engages all of the senses to aide in cognitive processing and memory retention.
  2. Graphic recorded or visual facilitated events give attendees reference points to start or recollect discussions based on well-organised drawings.
  3. Drawings act as a deflector for miscommunication or conflict as participants have a common object to focus on outside of themselves (Brandy Agerbeck).
  4. Drawings are great for sharing with participants and a powerful way to close out an event or workshop.
  5. In group settings, participants gain an external perspective that may be different to theirs.
  6. Add a heightened experience to your meeting.


What is Bikablo?

The Bikablo visualisation technique originates from the German business consultancy Kommunikationslotsen. Initially an internal method, they’ve opened up to sharing and teaching the technique due to popular demand.  It is an accessible drawing method based on the philosophy that anyone can draw.  Bikablo visuals are clean and simple, and focus on speed and clarity.

Zhi is a Bikablo graduate. Bikablo is a hand-drawn visualisation technique that is quick, powerful and effective. Talk to us about sketchnoting, graphic recording, and visual facilitation.

Work Samples

Need help presenting key ideas in a succinct and memorable format?
4.5 hour recording with an element of visual facilitation. Participants were asked to contribute to the right hand side of the poster (Format, and Check-in Questions). Live hand-drawn visuals add depth to an event, as participants watch the conversation unfold on a piece of paper as it transpires.
Visual facilitator and graphic recorder Zhi Lee teaching the art of Sketchnoting at the 2018 NZ IT Architecture Forum in Auckland. Sketchnoting is a personal form of hand-drawn visualisation, distilling key messages and expressing them with a combination of text and imagery. Training options are a 45 minute talk, half and full day workshops.

Our next full day public course is on 3 April, in Auckland.

Download the Slides from Zhi’s Talk “Visual Story-Telling with Sketchnotes.

Video of the talk, kindly made available by Conferenz