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not the other way around.
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A personal approach for every interaction.
We tell it like it is.
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About Us

We believe your people are the key to unlocking value for your customers, ensuring your business can remain competitive in our ever-changing world.

By providing bespoke training and coaching, we support leaders and teams with better ways to deliver business outcomes.

We are masters at helping businesses build internal capability and agility to tackle challenges as they come, providing levels of support that flex with your business needs.

Our Point of Difference

We were formed in 2017, from a desire to broaden our reach beyond our corporate roles, to create positive change in the way teams and organisations work. In 2018, the core team got together with a change practitioner who noticed a gap in the Agile transformation market. Consultancies were simply not applying change management principles to Agile adoptions. In fact, many adoptions that were started with training/coaching in one area (e.g. Ways of Working), would neglect a systems approach that extended into other areas (e.g. Strategy, Product).

We lead with bleeding-edge visualisation techniques and facilitation skills. Organisations engage us over and over again to plan and deliver workshops because we can work a room and cut through to what’s important.


Leaders supporting remote work post Covid [GARTNER] 80%
Companies planning to increase use of Agile in the next 12 months [SOA20] 55%
Companies cite Agile as benefiting team morale [SOA20] 59%
Companies experiencing growth in revenue and profit with an Agile adoption [HBR] 60%

Our team

Today, we are a cross-functional team of 5 coaches, 2 of whom are PROSCI change management trained, with a combined experience of 60 years in Delivery, Change and Product Management.  These combined strengths allow us to provide a holistic offering that is unmatched in APAC.


Delivery Process Review

Through 1-1 interviews, feedback workshops, attending and observing meetings, we will co-create an objective picture of your challenges and opportunities. Leveraging our experience with Delivery, a recommendations report and debrief is included.

Strategic Alignment

We work directly with you and your stakeholders on all things strategy – from co-creating one to reviewing an existing strategy.  We challenge your organisation with a two-pronged approach – balancing pragmatism with outside-the-box thinking.

Agile Team Facilitation "On-Tap"

We act as catalysts by assimilating into your teams to guide practices while shaping a culture of sustainable high performance. We have a panel of experience ATFs and Scrum Masters available on-tap. We partner with companies who’s Agile resourcing needs shrink and grow over-time.

Kanban Training

Learn the Kanban Method popularised by Toyota’s lean manufacturing. Learn and experience principles to get your team delivering in a state of “Flow”.  Talk to us about getting this course subsidised through NZTE if you are a small business (<50).

Workshops and Team Building

Our highly interactive workshops are perfect for team building, ideation, and kick-starting new projects. As neutral facilitators, we do the heavy lifting so you can fully participate. All activities are fully customised towards your outcomes. We use best of breed visual thinking tools to really engage your team.

Who we work with

Making change work for people
not the other way around

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