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Would you like to provide your team with the best training and support in new ways of working? Do you have a long-standing project that simply isn't delivering the right outcomes? Talk to us about a course, workshop, or coaching. And if you were wondering how we're different from every other Agile consultancy out there ... we're fun, and really really visual.

The Teamworx Approach

Our work with you begins with a straight up conversation about your goals. Because Agile is a set of principles as opposed to a rigid framework, we can help you cherry pick the right amount of "Agile" for your organisation. We stick around till the job is done, or leave when you feel there is no more value to add. We never administer cookie cutter Agile rituals; instead we will apply the appropriate Agile ingredients that best suits you. We use considered change management practices to move your organisation and team from status quo to desired state.

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Workshops and Courses

These half or full day workshops and courses are facilitated in an interactive way. Tap or hover over the tiles for more information.

Agile Kickstart (Ignition)

Full Day

Practical and interactive course for learning about Agile or kick-starting teams into the Agile way of working. Includes user stories and user story mapping.


Agile Teaser (Ignition-lite)

Half Day

Condensed version of our Ignition course, less user stories and user story mapping. Perfect for just getting a “taste” of Agile.


Project Inception Workshop

Full Day

Learn about project inception techniques for kick-starting a healthy project. Half of the day will be spent working on a real project that you provide.


Team Lift-off Workshop

Full Day

Accelerate team formation or recalibrate an existing team with a 1 day Lift-Off. Custom designed to your outcomes, we consult with you to build an agenda.



Few Weeks

Have your teams self-organise around products and projects. We will prepare you and your teams for self-selection, and help run the event.


Effective User Stories

Full Day

Intended for POs and BAs, this practical course will take your user story writing to the next level. We will cover strategies for breaking down user stories, story mapping, prioritisation, and personas.



Half or Full Day

Combining Agile workshop structures with the LEGO Serious Play methodology to unleash ideas and collaborate on real business problems.


Retrospective & Workshop Facilitation

1.5 hours to full day

Need an experienced facilitator or neutral party to run a workshop or retrospective? We'll meet with you to discover your desired outcomes. All materials provided, you'll just need to sit back and relax.


Graphic Recording & Visual Facilitation

Half or Full Day

Bring a meeting or workshop to life with our graphic recording services. We will record key ideas and messages by sketching symbols and metaphors on large paper.

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  • 28Years of combined Agile experience
  • 95%Training satisfaction feedback

What is Agile?

"Agile" is an approach to software development, that's now commonly applied to non-software teams and project work. It revolves around having a shared understanding of the work, the spirit of continuous improvement, and delivering incremental bits of value to the customer. Often described as a "mindset", there are 12 Agile principles:

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Karl Arthur

Change Consultant

Karl is an experienced Project and Programme Manager and certified Prince 2 Practitioner. Karl has spent 18 years working with Agile and Digital teams in complex environments.

Zhi Lee

Agile Delivery Consultant

Zhi is an experienced Delivery manager, with 10 years of experience working with Agile and Digital teams. He is a qualified visual facilitator trained in the Bikablo method. Outside of work, you'll find him behind the camera, and spending time with his 2 lovely daughters.


We asked Zhi to come in and run an introductory course on Agile: it’s principles, its manifestations and how to use it. Wow, what an incredible amount of digestible information and practices all in a very limited timeframe. Our team came away with a much deeper understanding of Agile and how to use it as well as some practical skills that we can readily use in our everyday work. The format of theory and practice meant the team could absorb new information then use it in the activity setting to embed the ideas and have a bunch of fun while we were doing it. I would highly recommend Zhi. He was well-prepared, the information was very easy to understand and the pace of learning was perfect. His style of facilitation and teaching was excellent. Thanks a lot.

- Julian Lambert, Permanent Business Manager, Potentia

Methven Conferenz


Following initial 2 day introductory courses to Agile, Zhi at Teamworx successfully helped to support, coach and launch several internal project inceptions utilising the knowledge gained from the introductory courses.
With a flexible approach to our multi-disciplinary teams, Teamworx were able to rapidly stand up teams, support and generate engagement and provide just the right level of coaching to enable our teams to become self sufficient and self organising over a short period of time.
Engagement and output from our teams is high and we continue to roll out the practices learnt across the organisation as a result.
If you need to make positive change with your teams within your business I would thoroughly recommend Zhi and Teamworx.

- Rich Evans, Chief Operating Officer, Methven
The workshop that Zhi presented gave me an insight into the world of Agile and gave me a desire to learn more. His workshop was interactive, experiential and most of all, fun. Setting the intention at the beginning as to what I wanted to get out of the workshop helped to keep focus and reviewing at the end gave a sense of accomplishment. I recommend Zhi’s workshops to anyone who is interested in getting a taster to Agile and beyond.

- Eri Taylor, IT Project Coordinator, Designertech

Whether it be the strong Scrum process he worked to fine tune, or his ability to always collaborate to bring the best minds to the task, whether they where technical or non, creative, engineering or business. We always knew that the New Zealand projects were under the care of a set of steady hands.

Development Manager

Bauer Media Group

Zhi is an effective coach, an inspiring leader and great manager. He has really built the capability of the teams in Agile development practices as well as challenging the teams to leverage their own capability in order to drive outcome driven development.

Head of Product

Trade Me Property

Trade Me Property

Zhi combined an insatiable appetite for learning with a deep commitment to his team. I always looked forward to working with Zhi, and particularly respected his experimental nature and his commitment to his team's happiness and professional development. I can definitely recommend Zhi's work!

Head of Agile

Trade Me

Trade Me

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